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Lakshmi | The Goddess of Wealth

Lakshmi | The Goddess of Wealth



Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. She is a protector as well as bestower.Her other popular name Sri denotes wealth (siri), which in the ancient times was represented by the wealth of food grains.At the physical level, she is strength, material wealth, physical health, beauty and grace. At the mental level she is peace, happiness, positive attitude, and inner harmony. At the spiritual level she symbolizes all the yogic powers or the siddhas, selflessness, kindness, discipline and selfless service.

The above artpiece is curated to exude that old charm look. One can see the goddess being heavily adorned with stones and extensive embossed gold work. From intricate borders to embellished neck piece to her bejeweled mukut (crown), truly a divine beauty. Beauty lies in ornamentation. Our artwork exudes precision, elegance and purity. From intricate borders to detailed patterns and to extensive gesso work, we let our art speak



    A timeless beauty showcasing finesse & elegance. The aura of our artwork will radiate positivity & good energy around you. A perfect addition to your home. It takes us (15-25 days) to create the artwork, since they are made on request.At Hasth, we believe your walls should speak.

    SIZE - 18" X  24"

    FRAME - Not (*Additional charges )

    GOLD - PURE 22KT

    CARE & TIPS -

    1. Keep away from direct sunlight
    2. When framing please seal the edges properly to preserve the shine of 22kt Gold.

    No Refund Policy

    We do not entertain any returns as our artworks are fragile & heavy. Hence we suggest our customers to be sure before purchasing. We will help all along to ensure our buyers are satisfied before buying our magnificent artpieces.