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MAYURA | The Embellished Peacocks

MAYURA | The Embellished Peacocks


MAYURA | A pair of embellished peacocks

The sacred and mythical bird . The bejeweled peacocks symbolises richness in life, pride ,beauty, good luck and prosperity. The feathers of mayura are considered auspicious and the one keeps it, is sheltered from evil eye and jealousy. The Mayura symbolises cycle of time. The peacock Mayura is considered to be a bird of protection and safe guarding. This bird is also valued as a protection for the psychic self. It brings harmony and joy to one's mind. The aura of the artwork will radiate positively and good energy around you. The essence of the painting gets deep in to the soul of the person looking at it. The feel remains with you even when you leave the sight of it. Let your walls speak with exclusivity and finesse.


    A timeless beauty showcasing finesse & elegance. The aura of our artwork will radiate positivity & good energy around you. A perfect addition to your home. It takes us (15-25 days) to create the artwork, since they are made on request.At Hasth, we believe your walls should speak.

    SIZE - 14" X 39"

    FRAME - Not (*Additional charges )

    GOLD - PURE 24KT


    CARE & TIPS -

    1. Keep away from direct sunlight
    2. When framing please seal the edges properly to preserve the shine of 24kt Gold.
    3. Beautiful vertical panels that can accentuate any part of your space.  Works well with a central statement piece.

    No Refund Policy

    We do not entertain any returns as our artworks are fragile & heavy. Hence we suggest our customers to be sure before purchasing. We will help all along to ensure our buyers are satisfied before buying our magnificent artpieces.



    We strive to deliver products purchased from Hasth in excellent condition. We do not entertain any returns as our artwork is fragile/heavy.

    Domestic Delivery - Charges and Timing Charges are based on the final weight,volume and