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Ram | The Royal Warrior

Ram | The Royal Warrior


Ram | The Royal Warrior

Rama is a symbol of sacrifice, a model of brotherhood, an ideal administrator, and a warrior unparalleled. Rama is the embodiment of three aspects of time. He is the Lord of the three worlds and is the embodiment of the three Gunas. Hence, Sri Rama is the indwelling spirit in every being. Rama is the very embodiment of these three attributes.The essence of Rama is therefore the essence of excellence in every pursuit.


Symbolism and Significance

The Rama Principle is a combination of the Divine in the human and the human in the Divine. The inspiring story of Rama presents the triple ethical code relating to the individual, the family and the society. If society is to progress properly, the family should be happy, harmonious and united. For unity in the family, the individuals composing it must have a spirit of sacrifice. Rama is the supreme example of how people should conduct themselves in the world, how a country should be governed, how the integrity and morality of human beings should be protected. High-minded actions, ideal qualities, and sacred thoughts are basic foundations of character.


 Features Of Painting

In the artwork we see Rama he holds the dhanus (bow) in his left. Rama's weapon of choice is the bow and arrow are symbolic of Rama's great strength. The bow is more than just a symbol of Rama's great strength; it also acts as a symbol for Rama's goodness, worthiness, and divine origins. Lord Rama wielding the bow helds great significance — to preserve, protect and promote Dharma.In painting, he is depicted dark in colour (indicating his affinity with Vishnu), with princely adornments and the kirita-makuta (tall conical crown) on his head indicating his royal status.

The look and feel of the painting has been inspired by the Thai version of Ramayan (Ramakien)Phra Ram. Taking inspiration from traditional Thai patterns like kranok (Lines patterns), Nari (Human postures).We combined creativity and cultural identity to make use of delicate designs of various traditional Thai patterns into Tanjore artform to create something neoteric.


    A timeless beauty showcasing finesse & elegance. The aura of our artwork will radiate positivity & good energy around you. A perfect addition to your home. It takes us (15-25 days) to create the artwork, since they are made on request.At Hasth, we believe your walls should speak.

    SIZE - 24" X  30"

    FRAME - Not (*Additional charges )

    GOLD - PURE 24KT

    CARE & TIPS -

    1. Keep away from direct sunlight
    2. When framing please seal the edges properly to preserve the shine of 24kt Gold.

    No Refund Policy

    We do not entertain any returns as our artworks are fragile & heavy. Hence we suggest our customers to be sure before purchasing. We will help all along to ensure our buyers are satisfied before buying our magnificent artpieces.



    We strive to deliver products purchased from Hasth in excellent condition. We do not entertain any returns as our artwork is fragile/heavy.

    Domestic Delivery - Charges and Timing Charges are based on the final weight,volume and pincode of the package to be delivered.

    Domestic orders are usually delivered within 7-10 business days. It takes us (15-25 days) to create the artwork, since they are made on request

    Packaging : We ensure our buyers that the artwork will be delivered in 5 layers of packaging.



    Please stay connected with us through our social media channels and share your thoughts. For enquiry and further details you can contact us anytime. We're delighted to have you on board with us. Welcome to the family of Hasth.


    Mail us at 

    or call us on +91(9582226890, 9582226893)



    We ensure our buyers that the artwork will be delivered in 5 layers of packaging. We do not compromise on the quality.


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